How to Tell My Boyfriend I’m Pregnant

With the popularity of sharing pregnancy announcements on social media, it’s easy to stumble across one of the thousands of videos, photos, or written testimonials from women whose partners were ecstatic to find out they were expecting. However, not all pregnancy announcements are planned. If you are worried about the future or don’t think your partner will be supportive, you may feel that you have no options. Learn more about how to approach your partner with confidence.

Have a Plan

Blurting out “I’m pregnant” may not always be an ideal way to break this news, especially if you are not sure how the person you are speaking to will react. Spend some time thinking of the best opportunity to bring this news up.

This conversation should occur at a time when both you and your partner are relaxed and don’t have any immediate demands on your time or attention. Bringing it up as one or both of you are about to head out the door in the morning, while your partner is working on a project, or just before you fall asleep at night usually isn’t conducive to a calm, rational discussion.

Once you have made a plan for announcing the news, it can be a good idea to have a backup plan just in case the first falls through. Although you have some time to think through your unplanned pregnancy options, you don’t want to wait too long to have this conversation with your partner.

Investigate Your Options

If your partner is open and supportive of your news, this can be a tremendous source of emotional support for you. But if you are not sure how your partner will react, it can be helpful to arm yourself with information before you broach the topic.

For example, you may want to have a laboratory-quality hCG pregnancy test and an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and its viability. And if you are not sure you want to raise a child, talking with someone about all of your options could give you more security and confidence when speaking with your partner.

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be stressful and scary, especially if you don’t have a strong support network of friends, family members, and other loved ones. At Avail NYC, we are here for YOU. Talk to a client advocate to learn more about your options and learn how to make a confident decision for your future. We offer free self-administered pregnancy test kits and free ultrasound referrals through a third-party medical facility, while connecting you with a wide range of services to assist with all aspects of pregnancy and parenthood. Contact us today.

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