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Male Program Director

Summary of the Position: The Male Program Director (MPD) will assist the Client Services Director (CSD) in all administrative duties that support the integration of men into all volunteer, pregnancy, and after-abortion support programs. The MPD will recruit and manage the Center’s male volunteers.  In addition, the MPD will provide direct client care as needed.

Reports to: Client Services Director

Supervises: Male Client Advocate Volunteers

Knowledge and Skill Requirements: The ability to successfully motivate and manage diverse personalities and performances, good interpersonal skills, good communication, innovative thinking, and good problem-solving skills.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Conduct client appointments as needed
  • Process all male client advocate volunteer applications through interviews to determine if volunteers are a good fit for the position
  • Work closely with the Assistant Client Services Director (ACSD) during training for male volunteers and supervise to ensure volunteers are actively listening to clients and providing good client care. MPD will provide support to volunteer advocates as needed.
  • Effectively and creatively compose and distribute internal and external correspondence
  • Provide support to the Client Services Director in her role to manage client programs and flow, demographics, and reports for leadership/Board
  • Review confidential client files and provide suggestions of support and services as needed
  • Maintain Male Client Referrals/Resources, ensuring it is updated and accurate
  • Work closely with ACSD to ensure men are fully integrated into all programs
  • Other duties as may be required

Please send resume to Meredith Stone, Client Services Director, at