You’re Pregnant. Now What?

Finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant can be a tremendous shock, especially for those who didn’t have plans of motherhood in their immediate future. In those instances, a positive pregnancy test can bring on a flood of emotions, ranging from anxiety, hopefulness, fear, and even panic.

Whatever you are feeling, Avail NYC with its team of experienced and compassionate client advocates is here to help you. Read on to learn more about what free pregnancy services and support we can provide as you go through this decision-making process.

You Have Choices

It’s important to remember that, no matter what, you have choices—and in most cases, you have time as well. There’s no need to rush into a decision on such an important issue.

A full-term pregnancy can last 40 weeks. This means that, whether you choose to carry your baby to term or give your baby up for adoption, you don’t need to make a decision today or even tomorrow. You have time to thoroughly think through your options so you’ll be able to make a confident decision that provides you with peace and closure.

Avail NYC is here for you while you’re considering these options and after you’ve made your decision. We have pregnancy support services if you choose to give birth. Our services are free and confidential, and our client advocates are dedicated to their work of ensuring that women have the chance to think through all the possibilities to make the best decision for their future.

At Peace with Your Decision

Making a choice on this important matter can take time, and you may find that your feelings (as well as your plans) seem to change on a day-to-day or even hour-to-hour basis. It’s okay and perfectly normal to be indecisive.

Avail NYC wants to ensure you make a decision you’re comfortable with instead of rushing into one that is heavily influenced by others. Our client advocates are here to listen, and in many cases, simply verbalizing your feelings with an advocate can help turn you toward the decision that is best for your life. These advocates are also available to talk to significant others in your life: husbands, boyfriends, and even fathers who might have an opinion about how you should proceed.

No matter how you decide to continue with your unexpected pregnancy, you’re not alone. Avail NYC cares about you and is here to support you. If you had a previous abortion and have unresolved emotions, we provide abortion support groups who can help you emotionally heal and find closure.

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