What Are Healthy Relationships Based On?

Whether you’re single, exploring the dating field, or in a long-term, committed partnership, the relationships you maintain in your life are very important. A strong, healthy relationship can foster personal growth and development, helping you to become the best version of yourself through a focus on equality and respect.

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However, not all relationships are positive. Some interactions are driven by control and possession rather than love and trust, compromising your own well-being in favor of another’s self-interest. These kinds of relationships can be damaging and dangerous, especially when major life events, like an unexpected pregnancy, arise.

These tenets are key parts of maintaining strong, stable relationships – platonic, romantic, and otherwise.

Mutual Respect

Without respect, any relationship will falter. A partner who respects you will value you for who you are, including your interests, ideas, beliefs, and morals. Your partner should never ask you to change your identity, compromise on your ethics, or put you down for your personal qualities.

Trust and Honesty

A relationship without trust isn’t a relationship at all. You and your partner should be able to talk openly and honestly about any topic with an assumption of truthfulness. There is no room for paranoia, distrust, lying, or suspicion in a healthy partnership.


A good partner supports you in all that you do, from seeking a new job to pursuing higher education. While some events may require compromise and discussion, you should never be put down or insulted when working through issues with your partner.

Fairness and Equality

In a healthy relationship, no one person is better or more worthy than another. You and your partner should share tasks, chores, and benefits equally to ensure a just and balanced experience in both good times and bad. A relationship where one person handles all of the emotional, physical, and financial labor isn’t fair at all.

Separate Identities

A relationship is a union between two people – two unique, independent people. Part of succeeding in a relationship means maintaining the qualities that define you, from friend groups to hobbies. Attempting to control another’s passions and pastimes is not healthy.

Good Communication

Communication is a true necessity in a successful relationship. Partners should be able to speak openly about any topic and receive positive, helpful responses that do not attack, abuse, or tear down. Effective communication can take many forms, from face-to-face chats to text messages, but channels should remain open and judgment-free at all times.

A Sense of Playfulness

Different relationships have different vibes, from serious to silly, but a sense of playfulness and adventure can keep the love alive. You should be able to have fun with your partner, from taking trips to enjoying favorite shows and movies. Playfulness might look different for each couple, but it is a worthwhile pursuit.

A strong relationship is a big part of successfully coping with an unplanned pregnancy. If you are seeking a caring, compassionate resource during an unexpected time, Avail NYC is here to make a difference. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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