How Waiting to Have Sex Can Be Good for Your Relationship

As humans, it’s natural that we gravitate toward relationships in which we feel loved and accepted. We desire to feel the comfort of a close companion who can know us–and who we can know–intimately. However, a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend does not have to include sexual activity in order to produce intimacy. Take some time to consider reasons why waiting to have sex with your partner can be good for your relationship, and actually, benefit it in the long run.

Your health

Health is probably the most obvious reason for remaining abstinent. Abstinence is the only 100% way to avoid unexpected difficulties. With sexual activity comes the risks of diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and possible life-long scars emotionally and physically. It is important for you to consider this while your mind is still clear, your emotions are not heightened, and before you are caught in the moment. Think long-term life changes that may occur that involves both you and your partner.

Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being often becomes overlooked. We do not think that making love is a negative thing, but if you are not ready emotionally and still decide to have sex, it might cause feelings of guilt, low self-image, disappointment, unrealistic expectations of your partner, and more. Make sure you are emotionally ready more than you are physically ready. If you are not ready, do not consent, even if you feel pressured. The right time will come, and you will know without a doubt you made the right decision.

Giving away a part of yourself

When you have sex with someone, you are giving them a part of yourself. It is not just about satisfying physical desire. Your sexual self is part of your identity. Thinking of sex as a gift and about whom to give it to makes it a special part of your relationship. It is not just based on the physical part of the relationship. Physical intimacy goes much deeper than that.

Finding the true path of love and acceptance

Often times, people have sex because they feel loved and accepted. This is not necessarily true 100% of the time. Love and acceptance come from other places too. Love comes from sharing your thoughts, emotions, and dreams with each other. It means being loved and accepted whether you are sexual or not. Love is unconditional.

Love and respect for yourself

Love and respect for yourself may increase when you decide to wait. You value your self-worth because it is not based on how sexually active you are, or how well you perform. You value your whole being: your mind, thoughts, dreams, feelings, and body. You have control of your body and look toward the future without worry of unwanted diseases or pregnancy. You are both worthy of the love and respect that you give and receive.

Physical intimacy is a natural and wonderful way to express your feelings with someone you care about. However, if you are considering waiting as means to love, empower, and protect yourself, you can contact Avail NYC for more information and support.

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