Unexpected Pregnancy Support in NYC

If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you are not alone. Each year, thousands of women in New York City find themselves staring in shock at a positive home pregnancy test. Even though this situation is a common one, you may feel as though you are alone and adrift, without anyone to support you.

Because unexpected pregnancies can be tough for women experiencing them, it’s crucial to have a source of emotional support during this time. Often, this support may come from unexpected places. Read on to learn more about the importance of emotional support and where you can turn.

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The Importance of Emotional Support During an Unexpected Pregnancy

The early weeks of pregnancy are a time of near-constant physical and emotional changes. Even if you normally embrace change, dealing with a body and mind that feels entirely outside your control is tough. Having someone to talk to in a non-judgmental environment allows you to vent rather than repressing or internalizing your emotions.

It can also be difficult to make decisions about your future during times of extreme stress. Studies have shown a decrease in higher brain function and decision-making skills in people who are under intense stress, which means reducing your stress level is key to making confident decisions. One of the best ways to do this is to talk through things with your emotional support network, allowing them to share your concerns.

Expanding Your Support Network

If your partner or family isn’t providing you with the support you need, you may want to talk to a non-biased advocate. Avail NYC provides women facing unexpected pregnancies with free pregnancy test kits, referral ultrasounds, and other resources. Our compassionate counselors can help you talk through your options in a judgment-free environment. If you’re pregnant (or think you’re pregnant) and aren’t sure where to turn, contact us today.

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Avail NYC exists to be a safe haven for women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy or seeking support after an abortion. We are not a medical provider