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The opportunity to have this conversation is immeasurable.

I really felt at home here and felt very welcomed.

This was a comforting, nurturing place to be in a time of great concern.

I felt understood and not judged. I felt that I wouldn’t be alone no matter what decision I decided to make.

It was nice to have someone with a kind and professional demeanor to discuss my situation and options with. I felt very safe and cared for.

It felt comforting to talk with a kind-hearted, non-judgmental person.

Avail was an experience I’ll never forget. The environment was so supportive, warm, and welcoming. All places should be like this!

Avail is the optimal safe haven.

Getting a free, confidential pregnancy test and answers to all of my questions will allow me to make a clear choice.

A good environment for women who are worried about being pregnant.

Avail was helpful and caring. I felt taken care of and liked that everything was confidential.

Avail was the best decision I made during my complicated decisions.

I recommend this facility to anyone who needs support.

This service was exactly what I needed after finding out that I was pregnant. A neutral, friendly environment with no judgment.

Wonderful place. I was not judged, and I received the support I was looking for.

My client advocate allowed me to explore my feelings, concerns, and thoughts. She offered me the support, encouragement, and space I needed to clarify my choice.

I can’t believe a place like this exists.

I feel at peace here.