Planned Pregnancy, Considering Abortion and COVID-19

You were looking forward to growing your family. You planned, and your positive pregnancy test brought a rush of excitement and anticipation for your new future. Then COVID-19 happened.

Suddenly, the future you envisioned has been replaced with uncertainty. The world that once felt safe to bring a child into now holds all that accompanies COVID-19; fear, job loss, and insurance loss. Reminders that much has changed are everywhere, from the constant news updates to seeing masks and barriers at the grocery store. For the first time, you’re navigating shelter-in-place orders, quarantines, social distancing, and shut-downs.

Perhaps your pregnancy excitement has turned to fear and trepidation, you’re wondering if this is the right time to be pregnant after all, and you’re considering abortion for your planned pregnancy.

Your Feelings Are Valid

We often think that parenting begins once our child is born, but your feelings reveal that it more likely starts once you know you’re pregnant. It’s natural to want to protect this planned pregnancy, which is why you’re asking yourself important questions. What if I (or my partner) get COVID-19? Will COVID-19 cause birth defects or other problems with pregnancy? How can I financially care for a child amidst a pandemic?

You never imagined you would be in the position of a planned pregnancy, considering abortion, but know that the questions and uncertainty you’re feeling are valid. This is a scary time to be pregnant, and many couples are experiencing the same doubts and fears about bringing a baby into this changing world.

There is good news. COVID-19 is temporary, and support is available to guide you through your questions and provide you tangible help to get through this time.

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

All couples who are expecting ask how COVID-19 will affect the pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that COVID-19 does not appear to cause harm to the unborn or nursing babies. The virus hasn’t been detected in amniotic fluid or breastmilk, even if the mother has become ill.

The CDC also reports, “pregnant people appear to have the same risk of COVID-19 as adults who are not pregnant.” Research indicates that if a pregnant woman does contract the virus while she’s pregnant, she isn’t at greater risk than any other adult who gets it. There doesn’t appear to be a higher risk of miscarriage or birth defects, either.

Despite the positives, the CDC recommends that pregnant women take precautions to protect themselves from illnesses since they may be at increased risk for some infections.

Financial Strain and Pregnancy

Do you feel like you suddenly lack resources to build your family? Has your financial situation considerably changed since you planned your pregnancy, causing you to consider abortion? You’re not alone. There is a tremendous amount of relief and financial resources available to you, ranging from food to rent relief and everything in-between.

Help Is Available

Our compassionate client advocates at Avail are here for you to listen to your concerns and fears without judgment. We understand the questions that come along with pregnancy, COVID-19, and considering abortion for a planned pregnancy.

We can meet with you (and your partner, if desired) remotely from the safety of your home to discuss your options so that you can move forward with confidence. Our advocates will listen to your needs and point you to the resources that are best for your situation. Contact us today for an appointment.