pregnancy and infant-care classes

Pregnancy Class | Infant Care Classes

For clients who have received decision-making services from Avail and have decided to parent or participate in the adoption process, Avail offers two classes, free of charge, which are led by a qualified nurse, doula, or lactation specialist.

Labor and Delivery

This class will focus on the process of childbirth. You will learn how to use breathing relaxation techniques to enhance labor and will also learn how to prepare a birth plan.

Feeding Your Baby

This class will teach you everything you need to know about feeding your baby. You will learn about both breastfeeding and bottle feeding and will receive practical tips to help you succeed with whichever method you choose.

Classes are held in Avail’s offices on a quarterly basis, on a weekday evening. If you would like to sign up for a class, speak with your client advocate or e-mail [email protected]. Classes are only available to clients who have come to Avail previously for decision-making support. Partners, family and support persons are welcome to attend. Read our latest blog post about how a pregnancy class can help to learn more about the value of these services offered by Avail.