Services for Men

We understand that if your girlfriend or partner tells you she is pregnant, a lot goes through your head. It’s normal to have questions about what your role is, where you fit in, and how best to support and communicate with her during this stressful time. Avail has male client advocates who can help you sort through any questions or concerns and offer you free tools and resources so you can process your options. You and your partner can even choose to meet together, if you prefer.


It’s also not uncommon for men and partners to have unresolved thoughts that surface after an abortion experience. Anger, sadness, anxiety, and frustration are all normal reactions, which is why Avail offers male client advocates who can meet one-on-one and help you process unresolved emotions in a confidential setting.

Incredible advice. It was an outlet and a connection I could not have gotten from family or friends. I didn’t know I needed to talk to someone until I was here. – Avail Male Client


  • One-on-one appointment with a male client advocate where you can confidentially talk through your situation, including your options (abortion, adoption, parenting)
  • Free tools and resources that help you sort through your thoughts about an unexpected pregnancy and how best to support and communicate with your partner
  • Confidentially process unresolved thoughts and emotions about a past abortion experience with a male client advocate

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If you have any doubts about what to do next or just want to talk it through, book an appointment online with us today. All services and appointments are 100% free & confidential.

Avail NYC is a decision-making center, not a medical facility.