How Do You Know If You’re Ready To Be A Parent?

Finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant can shock you to the core. Once the initial shock fades, worry may creep in. If you weren’t planning on having children for a while (or not at all), you may wonder whether you’re ready to be a parent—or whether you’ll be ready within the next nine months. If you need help with your pregnancy or just a sympathetic and non-judgmental person to talk to, Avail NYC is here for you.

Read on to learn more about some of the questions you can ask yourself to determine your readiness for a child, as well as the services offered by Avail NYC that can help you during this life-changing time.

Will you be able to provide for your baby’s needs?

In today’s consumption-focused society, it can be easy to assume you need a carload of baby gear before you can even check into the hospital. However, a baby’s needs are very simple: food, clothing, shelter, and affection. As long as your baby has a safe place to sleep, a car seat or stroller, a couple of outfits and a blanket or two, a way to eat (whether bottles and formula, breastfeeding, or a breast pump), and close contact with a loving caregiver, he or she should have all needs met.

Are you ready for a full-time commitment to parenting?

Having a child, while incredibly rewarding, can be like having a job with no sick time, no vacation days, and no overtime pay. If you’re not sure you can commit your full time and attention to your child or share the load of responsibility between a significant other or strong support system, you may want to consider alternatives or other helpful solutions for parenting.

Do you have enough financial support?

While kids can be as expensive as you make them, some costs that are all but impossible to avoid, from food to diapers to childcare. If you’re already struggling to support only yourself, adding another mouth to feed may not make much sense. On the other hand, in some states, a single-parent household with a single child may qualify for a greater government aid package than a single (or married) non-parent.

Fortunately, even if you do some soul-searching and find you’re not yet ready to be a parent, Avail NYC can help. Our pregnancy support services can help line you up with available assistance programs or even help you pursue adoption as an option. Avail is a safe place to make a confident pregnancy decision.

What assistance is available for you during this time?

Avail NYC is a pregnancy care network designed to help anyone dealing with (and making decisions about) an unexpected pregnancy. Avail offers holistic care and resources for all facets of pregnancy, from taking your first pregnancy test to finding a doctor, attending pregnancy classes, buying baby clothes and supplies, and even lining up childcare.

Avail’s professional and friendly staff can give you the space you need to come to a decision. Our network of pregnancy support services and the ability to consult with one of Avail’s many counselors can be an invaluable resource during what may be a stressful time. Give us a call or make an appointment today to gain a partner in your pregnancy journey.