What to Expect When Taking Your First Pregnancy Test

Whether you’ve been sexually active for years or have only just begun, you may find yourself browsing the shelves at your local grocery or drug store in search of a quick and accurate answer to the question of whether you’re pregnant. The pregnancy test price may deter you from purchase, even if your symptoms add up. Knowing you’re pregnant as early as possible can give you more time to mull over your options.

Read on to learn more about how pregnancy tests can detect the earliest stages of pregnancy, as well as how Avail NYC can help defray the pregnancy test price by offering free testing, counseling, and other pregnancy support services.

Free Pregnancy Tests

How do pregnancy tests work to detect early pregnancies?

Today’s pregnancy tests can accurately measure the levels of a certain hormone in your blood within days after implantation, giving you the answer to your pressing question as quickly as possible.

Most home pregnancy tests (as well as lab tests) work by measuring the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your blood or urine. Once a fertilized egg implants into your uterus, your body immediately begins producing high levels of this hormone; in many cases, lab-quality pregnancy tests that are ultra-sensitive to hCG can give you a positive result several days after implantation, simply by using a few drops of blood or urine to measure this hormone.

However, most home pregnancy tests often aren’t as sensitive, and it may take up to a few weeks for these tests to produce a real positive rather than a false negative. Rather than spend your hard-earned money on multiple supermarket or drug store pregnancy tests, you may want to seek out a service that can provide you with free pregnancy testing while also offering support to guide you through how to handle an unplanned (or planned) pregnancy.

What are your options if the pregnancy test price is a turnoff?

Despite the myriad of brands and wide availability of at-home pregnancy tests, it can be tough to afford multiple versions, especially if you’re not sure you’re “late” enough to justify taking a test at the earliest stages of pregnancy. Depending upon the speed with which your body begins to produce hCG after becoming pregnant, over-the-counter tests may not detect your pregnancy until you’re a month or more along.

Whether you can’t afford a home pregnancy test or are afraid to take a test without someone to support you, you’ll want to contact Avail NYC. Not only can Avail provide you with an answer to the question, “Am I pregnant?”, its compassionate counselors can also help you evaluate your options and seek out extra support systems to ensure you have the information you need to make your decision.

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