Avail Offers Free Pregnancy Tests

Being faced with an unplanned pregnancy is always a little frightening. In one moment, you’re suddenly facing the prospect of parenthood. In the few seconds it takes to check the test, everything changes.

The first moments after seeing a positive pregnancy test can feel like a whirlwind, and you may find yourself with lots of questions and very few answers. What do I do now? Who do I tell? Am I ready for this? Should I take another test? There won’t necessarily be easy answers to all the questions you’ll find yourself asking, but taking the right steps now can help you make a confident decision for your future.

Stay Calm

Panic is often a first instinct after a positive pregnancy test when parenthood isn’t currently in the plans. However, it’s important to stay as calm as possible. Excessive stress isn’t good for your health, so do what you can to stay calm, whether it is your preferred form of self-care or another relaxation method. If you can, talk over your situation with loved ones like parents, partners, and close friends, and don’t hesitate to lean on those around you.

Take a Test

You’ve probably already taken a test, but before making any big decisions, you should probably take another.

Early pregnancies can be unpredictable; a significant percentage of pregnancies in the first few weeks end in miscarriage, often before a woman even knows she’s pregnant. Before making any decisions, it’s important to get an accurate test. You don’t have to wait and wonder. At Avail NYC, free same-day pregnancy test appointments are always available, giving you a caring, confidential resource at any time. With a self-administered, laboratory-quality pregnancy test from Avail, you can confirm your pregnancy and learn more about the options available to you.

Talk to Someone

If you’re not sure how you want to proceed with your pregnancy, a listening ear can be a huge benefit, helping you to evaluate your options and make an educated decision. At Avail NYC, we offer client advocacy services for women facing unplanned pregnancy in addition to free same-day pregnancy test appointments, giving you the tools to fully evaluate your situation and make an empowered choice.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and aren’t sure where to turn, Avail NYC is here for you. With free same-day self-administered pregnancy tests, confidential advocates, and even further resources, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

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Avail NYC exists to be a safe haven for women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy or seeking support after an abortion. We are not a medical provider