Free or Low-Cost Ultrasound in NYC

Free or Low-Cost Ultrasound in NYC

After getting a positive result on a pregnancy test, especially when it’s an unexpected pregnancy, you may have a hard time at first trying to move through the shock and fear to figure out what comes next.

One of your first steps should be an ultrasound. There are several reasons for this to be an important next step for you. First, an ultrasound can confirm the viability of the pregnancy and also tell you how far along you are. The benefit of knowing this information is that you can begin to make decisions confidently with accurate information.

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When you come in for an appointment at Avail NYC, our caring client advocates are ready to offer confidential support.

We will offer you a free, self-administered pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. The self-administered test takes only a few minutes to give results. If your pregnancy is confirmed, Avail can refer you to a licensed medical center for a free or low-cost ultrasound exam to measure the viability and length of your pregnancy.

Ultrasound exams will further confirm pregnancy, determine if it is viable or if it is an ectopic pregnancy (which can be dangerous and may require medical treatment), and will also tell you how far along you are into the pregnancy.

An ultrasound exam uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images inside your body and is generally performed at seven to eight weeks of pregnancy. An ultrasound exam can be a useful tool for you in your decision-making process, and results are often available the same day.

Be Informed, Empowered

Our client advocates are here to help you through not only the testing phase, but afterward, to process what you have learned. If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you are not alone. We understand how important it is to have emotional support while facing the unknown.

Our advocates will not only help you understand the choices you have–abortion, parenting, and adoption–they will be available to support you in your decision.

Your advocate will offer and guide you through a decision-making tool that will help you to decide the right option for you, in an unbiased manner, without any pressure. Our goal is to give you all the information you need in a clear and kind manner.

We will address any concerns you may have, and can even help you tell your family and partner. Our advocates are here to support YOU.

If you are pregnant (or think you are pregnant), contact us today to talk to an advocate.

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Avail NYC exists to be a safe haven for women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy or seeking support after an abortion. We are not a medical provider.